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Created: 11 July 2015

On July 11, 2015 in Minsk the initiative “Flight for the sake of flight” on the legendary Tu-154 took place. In the unusual flight for the route Minsk-Moscow (Domodedovo) – Minsk participated about 160 spotters and aviation lovers from all over the world: Russia, Europe, Belarus and even Japan.


Organizers of the initiative: the project “Aviator.ru”, “Belavia – Belarusian Airlines”, airport “Domodedovo” in Moscow and the National airport Minsk.

At the “Domodedovo” airport and National airport Minsk the legend of the Soviet aviation industry was solemnly greeted by the water gates and flashes of cameras. All participants had the possibility to take pictures of the planes taking off and landing, production processes, plane maintenance and passenger service.

Sergey Martirosyan, coordinator of the project “Aviator.ru”, told about the relevancy of the project: “Aviation is one of the most beautiful and interesting spheres, but at the same time one of the most closed due to the rules of aviation safety. As soon as information about such a unique event appeared, the places for this flight were booked in less than a month, “and there was still a queue of fifty people”. It is known that TU-154 was the most popular Soviet jet passenger airplane, that’s why it was a real luck to feel ourselves all the pleasure of flying in it. And in spite of all the stereotypes about “old” planes, I would like to note that the notion “old” does not exist for a plane. There’s a term “prolonged service”. If the term of service of the plane was prolonged, all the necessary technical works according to the regulations were executed, the plane can fly almost forever”.

Refuse to use in the parks of airlines airplanes “Tupolev” is connected with the low economic efficiency. During the 19 years long history of “Belavia” the airlines had 22 planes of different models TU. Nowadays “Belavia – Belarusian Airlines” has three modified planes Tu-154M. Generally these planes are used for charter flights, in particular, for flights in Bulgaria and also within the framework of the “Northern flight program”.

“TU-154 is a unique plane, which for 43 years already has been proving the status of one of the most reliable and popular airplanes. Nowadays the prototype of the control column of TU-154 is used in famous video games, and the plane is involved during at shooting sets of modern films. And because it becomes more and more rare in aviation parks of companies, it will be interesting to know for aviation lovers all the details of this airplane. Unfortunately, the history of taking-offs and landings of this truly legendary plane in our company is coming to an end, because modern conditions of conducting business and new technologies impose their rules”, communicated General director of OJSC “Belavia – Belarusian Airlines” Anatoly Gusarov.

This year the company “Belavia – Belarusian Airlines” has bought in leasing two Boeing 737-800NG, in summer 2016 to the fleet of airlines will arrive directly from the manufacturer 3 new Boeing 737-800NG, soon these planes will substitute TU-154M in the airplane park of “Belavia – Belarusian Airlines”.