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Created: 02 July 2020

Dear passengers,
Belavia-Belarusian Airlines actively monitors the situation connected with COVID-19 and resumes the work as far as possible. Currently there are air transportations on the following


  • Minsk-Brussels- Minsk
  • Minsk-Yerevan-Minsk
  • Minsk-London-Minsk
  • Minsk-Budapest-Minsk
  • Minsk-Berlin-Minsk
  • Minsk-Frankfurt-Minsk
  • Minsk-Hannover-Minsk
  • Minsk-Munich-Minsk
  • Minsk-Tel-Aviv-Minsk
  • Minsk-Barcelona-Minsk
  • Minsk-Rome-Minsk
  • Minsk-Milan-Minsk
  • Minsk-Kishinev-Minsk
  • Minsk-Amsterdam-Minsk
  • Minsk-Belgrade-Minsk
  • Minsk-Istanbul-Minsk
  • Minsk-Kiev-Minsk
  • Minsk-Odessa-Minsk
  • Minsk-Kharkov-Minsk
  • Minsk-Lviv-Minsk
  • Minsk-Helsinki-Minsk
  • Minsk-Paris-Minsk
  • Minsk-Prague-Minsk
  • Minsk-Stockholm-Minsk

Pay your attention that there are different restrictions on entry in every country. Please, before buying of tickets carefully read the restrictions on entry/ exit for countries here. For any additional information about the conditions of entry in a country or about the quarantine conditions and self-isolation, please, contact specialized departments of the country of arrival.

All the actual (non-cancelled) flights are on sale and are accessible for payment via the site of Belavia-Belarusian Airlines. To know whether your flight takes place, you can check it in the section “Booking Status”.

What can you do if your flight is cancelled?

  • return the air ticket and take the full refund without deductions;
  • on a single occasion change the date of the flight for the same route until December 31, 2020 without additional fees within the same class of service.

To make any changes or air ticket return, please, contact the place of its purchase.
To return the ticket, bought via the site ‘belavia.by’, it is necessary to send the filled application for the refusal of air transportation and for the refund to the following e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (the template of the application can be found here).