HomeNewsResumption of flights on the Minsk-Moscow-Minsk route
Created: 11 July 2020

Dear passengers,

In connection with the epidemiological situation and the probability to identify Covid-19 in the country of rest and according to the rules of several tourist countries, you

can be kept under quarantine or can be placed in the health care facility for treatment in case of having any symptoms of the infection. There are no special conditions for animals of the owners who are kept under quarantine on tourist resorts.

Taking it into account several countries have imposed the ban on importation of animals, that is why Belavia-Belarusian Airlines does not accept animals for transportation on charter flights since July 8, 2020 till the halt of this pandemic.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope for understanding.

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines does everything possible for your safety and comfort rest.