Created: 12 July 2021

In connection with the Decision of the Ministry of Health of Israel to include the Republic of Belarus in the list of the countries with the maximum risk

– the so-called red list from July 12, 2021 (Uzbekistan, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, RSA, India, Mexica and Russia), Belavia Belarusian Airlines reduces the number of fights performed to Israel – the flights will be performed on the following days: July 14, July 18, July 21, July 23 and July 25.

The rules established by the Ministry of Health prohibit the visit of Israeli citizens and residents (except of the cased, approved by the Commission on Exclusions) of countries with maximum risk and, in addition, everyone entering Israel from these countries (of any age, including those who have had coronavirus and those who had been vaccinated) must observe quarantine (self-isolation) following the instructions of the Ministry of Health of Israel.

The above mentioned is in effect until July 25, 2021 and will be extended as and when needed in accordance with the infection rate in each country.